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200 Environmentalists Were Murdered Last Year

At least 200 environmental activists were murdered around the globe in 2016, a new report from watchdog group Global Witness says. 
Every week, nearly our people were murdered last year while trying to defend their homes, lands, and forests from mining, dams and agricultural projects. 40% of the murdered victims were indigenous. 
The report says, the number of victims could be higher since the collection of data is hard.

"The fact that the upward curve of killings has continued suggests that governments and businesses continue to prioritize short-term profit over human lives," Associated Press quoted Global Witness campaigner Billy Kyte as saying. 
Forty-nine land activists were murdered last year in Brazil and 37 in Colombia, 28 in Philippines and 16 in India.
Areas previously under guerrilla control are now eyed enviously by extractive companies and paramilitaries while returning communities are attacked for reclaiming land stolen from them during half a century of conflict," according to the Global Witness report.

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