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The Syrian Civil War: 20 Haunting Photographs

A protester faces off with riot police near Homs.

Protests In Homs November 2011

In January 2012, protesters gathered after Friday prayers in Homs. The signs, taken during the initial days of unrest, read: "Your conscience is on trial" and "To the free world; we are waiting for you as we die."


The northwestern city of Idlib was a locus for resistance during the initial civil uprising. Taken in February 2012, protesters burn an image of Bashar al-Assad.

Idlib Protests

Executions have become a regular facet of life under ISIS: as of July 2015, 3,027 people have been executed by ISIS.

Syrian Civil War Isis Execution

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant--commonly referred to as ISIS or Daesh--has been the most successful among non-state groups at recruiting fighters. Their videos of gruesome executions have been among their most popular tools at attracting new recruits, especially on social media. In this video, a group of supposed spies for the Syrian regime is bound in a cage and slowly lowered into a pool until they drown.

Isis Execution

Atrocities and human rights violations have been documented against all sides in the conflict. Above, a man shows scars from torture he reportedly received at a government detention center.


Abboud, 12, and his brother Deeb, 14, both joined the Free Syrian Army following the death of their two brothers

Child Soldiers Syrian Civil War

As manpower has steadily decreased over the war's duration, parties on all sides have enlisted soldiers as young as 11

Child Soldiers

In March 2012, a father teaches his 11-year-old son how to use a toy rocket launcher. This photograph, taken in Idlib, Syria, would win a Pulitzer Prize.

Rocket Launcher

Even among carnage, everyday life still manages to carry on. Here, a fruit vendor offers his goods among the destruction in Aleppo

Fruit Vendor

To stabilize life in conflict zones, civilians have stacked buses to act as makeshift shields against government snipers

Busses In Aleppo

An aerial photograph of Zaatari refugee camp, which houses over 80,000 Syrian refugees in northwestern Jordan.

Za'atri Camp Jordan

Two girls poke their heads out of their school in a displaced persons camp in Atmeh, Syria.

Internally Displaced

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