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These images highlight American strip clubs from the dancer's perspective

Juliana Beasley began dancing in 1992.  As a photographer and recent college grad, she needed the money and the inspiration for her art.

For nearly 10 years, Beasley documented her experience in photographs.

“I realized that there are many motives behind why women, myself included, choose to strip,” she says. “And there are reasons why men become customers. I decided to focus on the exchange of love and affection for money — love for sale.”

It's a hard job for the women involved.  They make tips, generally, and have to pay out to the staff, including the DJ, doorman, house mom and others that work the club.

It's a road that most people don't walk.  Turning sex (or sexuality) into cash can be exhausting.  Aside from the pain that may come along with the job, some women are able to bank hard and save for the day that they no longer have to dance for their income.

Breaking the myths about stripping is also important.  Society has concocted an idea that most strippers are drug addicts or sex addicts when, in fact, it's not the case.

All photographs © Juliana Beasley/Contact Press Images

Via (Minds.com)

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