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A Giant Sea Creature Washed Up In Indonesia And People Are Freaking Out

The creature is thought to have been dead for at least three days before it was found

The rotting remains of a giant squid has washed on the northern shore of Seram Island in Maluku province, Indonesia

Local resident Asrul Tuanakota who discovered the mysterious carcass on Tuesday night, initially thought it was stranded boat. 

The giant carcass which measures around 15 meters long and several meters wide have attracted many spectators since then. 

Residents are flocking to the beach to see this mysterious creature. 

The massive sea animal is said to been dead three days before its discovery. Since it is decaying, local residents have asked the government to remove it.

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  1. Giant squid? The body of a squid that size would have incredibly long tentacles, so where are they? That looks more like a whale, you can even see the baleen at some angles.


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