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21 Rare Photos Of NYC Underground In The 70’s And 80’s

Crime rates were high in New York City's subway system during the late 70's and early 80's. It was so high that In 1979 alone, there were 250 serious crimes reported in the New York subway system – per week.

 Swiss photographer Willy Spiller who was living in New York at the time documented his adventurous underground travels in a photo series now known as Hell On Wheels.

 It’s the period of the first rap music, graffiti, The Warriors in the cinema, Guardian Angels on the trains and Ed Koch in charge of a broke and crime-riddled city. Willy Spiller’s images are as much a visual document of this incomparable realm as they are a syncopated, colorful poem to the city of New York and its people.

References: http://www.vintag.es/2017/05/hell-on-wheels-amazing-photographs-of.html

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