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18 Photos That Will Make You Reconsider Your Existence!

The human species is great, but its tendency to claim superiority may be its affliction. View these photos and challenge your perspective.

The human race has an affliction of assumed superiority. Apparently with the advent of fire, the Homo erectus brain swelled to a proportion that allowed the capability to learn and develop language, fiddle with technology, and form meaningful relationships with others.

What didn’t happen with this ‘so-called’ jump in evolution, however, was the capability to live from a space of compassion, commune with nature, and respect (or easily perceive) the innate force that ties all together.
While human beings continue to transcend previous levels of innovation, intellect, and comprehension in self and the ‘Spirit’ of life, as a collective their air of superiority still reins supreme.

Which is why we suggest everyone take a good, long look at the photos gathered by diply below and really size up their existence in proportion to the majesty which exists in the rest of the universe.

First, let’s start off with YOU.

Credit: Diply

First, let’s start off with YOU.

Credit: Diply

At 30,000 feet, this is what you look like:

Credit: Flickr / Benjy

At 100,000 feet, this is you:

Credit: Wikipedia

And from 127,852 feet (with Felix Baumgartner jumping out a capsule in the stratosphere), take a good look…

Credit: Gen Beta

230,000 miles away, you’re pretty small, right?

Credit: Iz / Smile

Wow – in comparison to the sun, you’re TINY!

Credit: Diply Facebook
In the Milky Way Galaxy, Earth isn’t even in the scale photo.

Credit: Compu-smart

Don’t fret. How about some more contrast?

Credit: Compu-smart

This is Rosetta’s Comet. A probe was recently landed on it, and this is how big it is in comparison to Los Angeles:

Credit: mental_floss

Time for a Selfie! This is Earth in Space. Gorgeous, huh?

Credit: Upworthy

And if you’re not visual, math can break it down:

Credit: Fatherly Advice and Rants

Let’s introduce some perspective:

Credit: Diply

Credit: DIply
Credit: Diply
Humbled yet?

Credit: Diply

50 Million light years away…

Credit: Arizona Skycenter

And finally, the grand scheme:

Credit: ESO

This is the Milky Way. It boasts over a BILLION stars:

Credit: The University of Edinburgh

…But wait. You STILL Matter. 

Credit: Fractal Dimensions

Just because the Universe is mighty, doesn’t diminish the importance of a single life or the beauty that exists on plant Earth. We’re just hoping some perspective might introduce some well-needed humility to the human race.

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This article originally appeared in Trueactivist.com

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