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Wild boars overrun Islamic State position, kill 3 militants

Three ISIS fighters were mauled to death by a herd of wild boars near Iraqi farmland.

The boars went on a "rampage" against the militants when they were trying to remove the animals near Kirkuk in the al-Rashad region.

According to Iraqi News, the trio of militants was killed on Sunday night after an altercation with the wild beasts in southern Kirkuk. Quoting local sources, The Times reports that the boars also injured a further five militants in the bitterly contested area.

Local Ubaid tribal chief and supervisor of anti-IS (Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters, Sheikh Anwar al-Assi, told the paper the extremists were planning an ambush attack on local tribesmen who had formed anti-terrorist brigades. The tribesmen had fled to the mountains when IS captured the nearby town of Hawija three years ago.

 Anwar al-Assi claims that at least eight terrorists had hidden in dense reeds near a local river known as the Zaghitoun, before they were set upon by the angry animals.
“It is likely their movement disturbed a herd of wild pigs, which inhabit the area as well as the nearby cornfields. The area is dense with reeds, which are good for hiding in,” he said.

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