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France bans plastic cups, plates and cutlery

 France has become the first country in the world to ban plastic cups, plates, and utensils. The new french law which is coming into effect in 2020 requires disposable tableware to be made from 50% biologically-sourced materials.

The law is part of France's "Energy Transition for Green Growth Act", an initiative to tackle climate change.

Although some groups are already protesting this decision, the french government is keen on putting this law into effect.

Pack2Go Europe, a Brussels-based organization representing European packaging manufacturers told the Associated Press that his organization will challenge France’s ban.

 "We are urging the European Commission to do the right thing and to take legal action against France for infringing European law," Pack2go Europe secretary general Eamonn Bates told The Associated Press. "If they don't, we will."

"[The ban will] be understood by consumers to mean that it is OK to leave this packaging behind in the countryside after use because it's easily bio-degradable in nature. That's nonsense! It may even make the litter problem worse," he said

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