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Donald Trump's Muslim ban is 'propaganda opportunity' for Isis, UK Govt warns

President Trump’s travel ban on people from seven Muslim nations could be used by Jihadist as a propaganda tool, the UK's home secretary has warned.

Amber Rudd admitted that terrorists could use the ban to “create the environment they want to radicalize people”.

 She told MPs: “So it is a propaganda opportunity for them, potentially.”

Ms Rudd added: “I would observe that the difficulties to the UK are not caused by people coming from those countries (the seven singled out by Mr Trump’s administration) but from people being radicalized over here.”

So I would urge our efforts to continue to be on addressing radicalization here in the UK.”

But the Home Secretary did not agree the travel crackdown is “effectively a Muslim ban”.

She said: “No it is not a Muslim ban, but people draw their own conclusions about the countries that are picked off.”

“This will never be our policy. We have a completely different approach to refugees.”

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