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More young people are watching Planet Earth 2 than The X Factor

More young people are watching David Attenborough's new series Planet Earth II  than the X Factor. According to the BBC, viewers aged 16-35 are more likely to watch Planet Earth more than the X factor.

The planet Earth series attracts 100,000  more young average viewers than ITV's singing competition show X factor which features in the same time slot.

 Planet Earth's most-watched second episode attracted 1.8 million viewers in the 16 to 35 age bracket, compared to 1.4 million young viewers for ITV's The X Factor.

“I’m told that we are attracting a larger than normal number of younger viewers and apparently the music of Hans Zimmer in particular is striking a chord,” the naturalist added to the Radio Times. “That pleases me enormously.”

 Series producer Mike Gunton recently said: “Visually, where Planet Earth took an almost God-like perspective and said ‘Let’s look down on the Earth and see the scale of the planet’, what Planet Earth II is doing is saying ‘Let’s get ourselves into the lives of the animals, and see it from their perspective.’”

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