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Million people sign petition asking Obama to pardon Snowden

More than million people from all over the world have signed a petition seeking Barack Obama to pardon Edward Snowden. Snowden who leaked classified NSA documents detailing surveillance programs run by U.S. government is currently living in exile in Russia.

 Snowden is charged with violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and with theft of government property.

 The timing of this petition to Obama seems urgent as Trump who is soon coming to office has already declared that no such pardon will take place. In fact, Trump wants Snowden executed.

  According to the Office of the Pardon Attorney in the US, a pardon is "an expression of the president's forgiveness and ordinarily is granted in recognition of the applicant's acceptance of responsibility for the crime and established good conduct for a significant period of time after conviction or completion of sentence,"

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