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Japan firm considers 3-day weekends as nation rethinks culture of long work hours

Japanese company yahoo corp is considering to introduce a 3 day weekend in the country. The company wants to have four-days-a-week working hours by 2020. This decision comes after japan's drive to minimize the working hours of its citizens.

 “We don’t see the three-day weekend system as the end goal but an option,” company spokeswoman Megumi Yagita told Bloomberg.

 “By giving employees more freedom on how to work, we’re hoping that employees choose a style that lets them perform at their best, so that we boost productivity,” she added.

A recent incident of the suicide of a  24-year-old woman in Japan's advertising company giant Dentsu has also raised up the issue. The incident led company’s president to resign earlier this month.

 Japan has a serious problem of people working overtime. The country clocks up 80 hours of overtime a month.

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