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First direct train service from China to the UK arrives in London

 The first direct freight train service from China to UK has arrived in London. The train started from Yiwu City in China’s Zhejiang Province and took 17 days to finally arrive in London. The train crossed 8 countries and traveled more than 7,500 miles to reach London.

It crossed China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium, and France before finally reaching Britain.

The 34-carriage train arrived with £4 million worth of clothes and other goods directly from Yiwu. Yiwu city is a popular destination for Chinese Industries. Almost over 60 per cent of the world’s Christmas goods is made in Yiwu.

 The advance is that transporting goods by rail is cheaper than air freight. The rail link has opened the old Silk Road route that was previously used to transport goods between Europe and Asia.

 The Chinese locomotive is named after a famous quote from the communist revolutionary leader Mao Zedong: “The east wind will prevail over the west wind.”

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