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Costa Rica ran almost entirely on renewable energy in 2016

Costa Rica ran completely on renewable energy for over 250 days in 2016. 98.2% of its electricity came from non-fossil fuels. The Central American nation used a mixture of hydro, geothermal, wind, biomass, and solar energy to generate its electricity needs.

 74.35 percent of Costa Rica's energy came from hydroelectric sources, wind energy provided 10.30 percent, while 12.74 percent of electricity generation came from Geothermal plants. Biomass and solar provided 0.74 percent and 0.01 percent each.

ICE Executive President Carlos Obregón said:

 "We will open four new wind plants next year and we expect favorable meteorological conditions in river basins that feed our hydroelectric plants. Electricity generation using renewable sources is expected to remain stable through 2017."

There has been a tremendous use of renewable energy all across the world in 2016. Portugal ran 107 consecutive days using renewables, Uruguay powered 95% of its electricity from non-fossil fuels while Sweden  also drew half of its power from renewables

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