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Bill Gates warns against denying climate change

Speaking at an event at Columbia University in New York, Bill Gates warned against denying climate change and asked for more innovation in clean energy.

Bill Gates joined with fellow billionaire Warren Buffett to answer questions from the students at the event.

  “Certain topics are so complicated like climate change that to really get a broad understanding is a bit difficult and particularly when people take that complexity and create uncertainty about it,” Gates said.

 The planet needs to find reliable, cheap and clean energy, "the innovations there will be profound," Gates said.

 Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and a group of investors have already announced last year to invest $1 billion in clean energy technology. The fund called Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) aims to invest in clean energy technologies that help in reducing global greenhouse-gas emissions.

 Venture capitalism and the willingness to take chances on something new has provided a great deal of opportunity in the U.S., Gates said.

 “That’s something that other countries have tried to duplicate and they have, in small part, but not nearly as well,” Gates said about the availability of investment capital for projects. “This willingness to take risks, the idea that if you ... fail, it’s not a mark of shame

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